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We make handmade wings for special events!
If you are planning a wedding or an anniversary, the wings will become an unforgettable accessory at your event!

White wings costume

Angel wings costume

have a bendable frame and can take different shapes!

Our Happy Clients!

Geoffroy Groult
"This wings are really amazing !!!! They are really big and so light. I recommend for shoots"
"This was the most amazing piece of craft I had ever received. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"
"The wings were magnificent! The seller was awesome and got our wings here with plenty of time to spare. They were the talk of the day as we were celebrating our 20th anniversary. The wings are lightweight so very easy to wear and keep on for a while. Thank you so much for such beautiful wings."
"The wings suited my purpose perfectly. The straps are easy to use, and they somewhat even improve my posture. It was a windy day at the event that I went, and it captured the attention from everyone. A real crowd pleaser. I highly recommend this store!"