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Where are you located?

We are located in Kazakhstan.

What material are your wings made of?

wings are made of foamed polyethylene and dense foam. It is an environmentally friendly material and a harmless material.

Do you deliver to all countries?

Yes, we deliver to all countries.

Is it possible to use the wings in underwater or wet them?

Yes, you can easily arrange a photoshoot under water. They are not afraid of moisture, you can wash them in a stream of water.

Do you make custom wings?

Yes, please contact us for any orders in the feedback form on the website or through the manager on the website.You can also contact me personally on Facebook or Instagram. Links at the bottom of the site.

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery to all countries is free!

How are the wings delivered to my country?

After the purchase, we will make the wings for you within 7 days, after which we will send them by Russian Post.We will provide you with a tracking number on the day of sending your parcel. Then the Russian Postal Service will transfer the parcel to the carrier in your country. You can follow the movement of the parcel on the website of the Russian Post. Or on the USPS website if you live in the USA.

Will I pay tax at customs?

The tax is paid only by the EU countries upon receipt of the goods or by order of the customs authorities of each country. For other non-EU countries, there will be no purchase tax! Since we are not a US company, we are not required to include tax on the product and pay it to the government, so you don't have to pay anything when you buy from the site.

I live in a country included in the European Union. How much will I need to pay the tax?

You will need to pay the tax upon receipt in your country. Each country included in the European Union has its own customs rates. If you have any questions about the import tax, please contact us on the website in the feedback form and we will try to help you.