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Keigo Takami

Up until the day he realized he was the Red Winged Hawk Hero, Keigo Takami was merely a regular high school student.

It all began when Keigo discovered an antiquated relic in a nearby wooded area. A lightning strike occurred as he touched the enigmatic device, bestowing him with extraordinary abilities.

Keigo initially found it difficult to accept what was happening. He possessed the capacity to fly, move at extraordinary speeds, and all of a sudden see through walls.

But when Keigo started to practice his new skills, he became aware of a bigger goal. It was his responsibility to defend the defenseless and get revenge on those who endangered the tranquility because evil powers were at work in the world.

So, Keigo embarked on a mission to become the Red Winged Hawk Hero with the aid of his dependable sidekick, an intelligent and strong owl named Hoot.

He used his extraordinary abilities to right wrongs and protect the weak as he fought formidable opponents and overcome impossibly difficult obstacles. And as Keigo gained power and self-assurance, he realized he was meant for greatness.

In the end, the


I'm Hawks. The man who's a bit too fast. A society where heroes can enjoy a little boredom... I'll make it happen, I promise, at my trademark top speed.
Keigo Takami in "The Todoroki Family"

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